Fuck Russia

Wow. He literally had the future of the world at his fingertips. Just thinking about that makes me excitedly nervous.

push the button

he is pretty laid back about the whole situation. imagine the difference if he had followed his own orders. kaboom!

push the button

the world will never disarm, there is no way that all parties involved could be trusted. its a shame but its true


"A man who looks like Hitler potentially saved billions of lives."

would have been a way funnier headline.

@push the button

nuclear armament is unfortunate but it's the reason the cold war remained cold. you're right that disarmament will never truly happen.

the thing is, now we have to worry about kim jong-il and ahmadinejad, two seriously psychotic leaders with the means to make nuclear weapons.


not every old man looks like hitler. if he does my grandfather does too.


Love the one button fucks up the world stuff. Glad he kept his cool.

dead pussy

Oh come on, he totally looks like an older Hitler strung out on fart meds.

Fan Fan

great interview!

Mr Van De Lay

wow i like this guy, he was dealing with nuclear war but you just know he stayed super-chill throughout it all.


Yes yes, preventing nuclear annihilation is impressive, but not as impressive as having Jewgrafowitsch as a middle name.

kdfid vk

Balls the size of the Stalingrad. I wish he was my grand dad.

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what would an explosion in outer space look like,
without the benefit of gravity or earth to "get in the way"?
Would it still have an "up" and a "down", or would it be just
a perfectly round sphere?

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