oh great. like the first blog about this wasnt gross enough, now you have a follow up!!


i had to zoom in to see what the purple went with in the porn by numbers. that is genius.


that's what my balls are like. one hang lower than the other. i can't wait to see what they look like when i'm 70.

The Host

Okay, okay! Balls are grosser. There, you happy now?

booty clap

this dude's balls looks like haggis!

bacon bits

i love coloring. and the doggystyle color-in illustration is no exception.


Ligerbeat is not just a magazine it is a religion. I get down on my knees and I pray to the soldiers of jahbeat. ANd I can assure you those balls were dicktastic and dickalicious. I would ride that Dick like a Slip and Slide to the fucking Moon.

shot out to Christian at VICE!!!!!

I can't wait to get all that Vice staff dick on film. I'm gonna dress your sausage up like peter pan.

Rocky Mountain Low

Waitwaitwait. Isn't the cover honcho a Do from years ago? What was the caption....'We said nothing is better than a really hairy bush, just so he would make this face.' He was on a bike, looked like a runner, with a bandana button up on? Amiright?

calisha jenkins

Thanks so much for the love! One qualm: "No body part looks good that up close", umm did you look at what that dude is holding on SUYDOGTFO bottom left corner. What's not to like! I would wrap a baby blanket around that thing so his little head could peek out and carry it under my arm coochie coooing it all day long while I tickled under his dick chin (I think that's the technical word for the area right under the roll of skin at the head). Just saying, I love dicks, duh. Thanks again! Send us dick pics and cop dat ish.
Calisha Jenkins
Ligerbeat Magazine

Stained shirts



Every public effort to turn the male body into an object of heterosexual desire has failed.

Invariably, the public perceives the male body as a subject of aggression, or production (which are species of the same genus), while the female body is perceived as an object of desire.

The effort these people are making is subversive, and I hope it works. Turnabout is fair play.

girls gone oscar wilde

hopefully one day male penis cleavage will be not only accepted but praised. i can only hope.

mamma d

go to www.ligerbeat.com to order yours!!!


I don't know why or how I have ended up in Vice in one form or another, by accident, for about 8 steady years now, but I love the free publicity. Thanks a zillion...


Ligerbeat is fucking awesome; a magazine with wicked humor, integrity, and photos of dudes i'd actually bone! i couldn't have been happier when the first issue arrived at my door from across the sea (NY to Western Australia), and i hope the ladiezz 'pump' out another issue real soon!

Who fucking cares? More Unoriginal bullshit by stupid hipster bitches



Ligerbeat gone through a name change due to a spot of legal trouble . . . but we been reincarnated as the delicious CANDY RAIN MAGAZINE

give us a looksie and order the upcoming issue at


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