Is a masturbation not just a soiled mattress in a private room in which you can jerk off while the girl dances around you?? I mean c'mon people!


That's just greasy.


Masturbation beds? eww, why not just get the strippers to give you a hand-job or something?


Being the PA for 20 weirdos sounds like something we should all try for a period of time.


are sweat pants allowed in a strip club ?!?!!!

jack johnson

I have a fuckin masturbation bed at my fuckin house in my fuckin bedroom and it works fuckin great!


haha, sweat pants in a stip club!?

Word, thats the funniest thing I've heard all day.


Myabe this guy has simply never been to a strip club before and a masturbation bed is a figment of his over-acrive imagination.


That's a new one on me and I've been around a bit.


a masturbation bed is a weird term for getting a bed dance. he means to ask if they have another section of the strip club where you can take the stripper into a private booth and have her dance on you while you jerk off. pretty standard, lots of places have them.

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Why should there be clubs, Why should there be clubs? what can they do, whats the purpose of a club, why should we join clubs? as a high school student..pls help.


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