so britain can disrupt the cultures of asia and africa, but then they get pissed when these people come to britain. that makes about as much sense as fart flavored ice cream


these people need to just grow up and accept that people immigrate to other countries and that's not something you can stop. maybe its cus im from california but i dont think complaining about immigration makes any sense. its a natural fact.

king felix

whats with the spoon questions?

Black Man

I love this article. it sows the calibre of people that support the bnp. Its a shame that one of the most intelligent hubs in the world (UK) isn't able to help these poor lost souls through the education thats FREE for all. Wake up ladies. Big titties will only get you so far. by the way, they do tend to wrinkle after a while ;)

ray sweeney

ur all dumb and dont know what your talking about......

sweeney ray

the 19-year old Jo seems to be the most intelligent of them all.

i can't wait for our british facist overlords to rule from her's majesty throne.

god bless britian, and neo-colonialism.

i can only hope for the return of Rhodesia.

el cape town

she said nelson mandela is a villain, did you read that!oooh weee

im sure she'd rejoice at the "shower theory".


Jesus Christ!!! Jo Bell... (A.K.A. Amy Sedaris)!! I'M UP TO YOU, YOU HOOKER! LOL...


bunch of tarts!!!!!


Wow, the BNP really stepped it up with their cameras I see. What is this, a .02 megapixel? It looks like Tetris blocks.

go figure

none of these girls seem to have a clue about what the BNP stands for


yall some pieces of shit first off your country has gone and populated foreign countries throughout history. its time that England gets taken over and sees what it is like to get run by foreigners. how do you think the indians felt when you went there and took over their land and suppressed their many cultures which happen to be ten times more interesting than just fish and chips and the beatles. Africa... yall owe africa so much... you are the reason why so many african countries are in the position they are,,, yall need to eat a dick become educated and shut the fuck up and open your legs... peace


one girl admitted to being racist, and and another said she know she sounding really evil. sounds like they joined the right party.


"Yeah. I wouldn’t mind them if they actually worked and didn’t take all of our jobs..." Yeah that makes perfect sense you dumb twat!!


what's wrong with the youth of today?


gavin i love you!


lol wow... sounds like typical US southern trash. Believing in something their not even well educated on. Dumb broads.


I'd still fuck 'em!


"Yeah. I wouldn’t mind them if they actually worked and didn’t take all of our jobs, basically."

Spot the contradiction.


Oh my, really didn't people could be so stupid!
This really does prove my point that the BNP is an uneducated party for the uneducated, lower class idiots.


Allow the magnitude of their ignorance. I'm speechless. They're the kind of people that have to exist in the world, so that the rest of us can feel good about ourselves, because we're different to them.


No seriously, what's with spoon question you asked everyone?

joe love

i agree.... but muslims are scary as fuck and they have already taken over whole towns and counties in britain. So its hard to bash the BNPs immigration policies unless you've lived in britian and have seen Sharia law slowly but surely approaching democratic majority everytime a muslim puts their foot on british soil.....

lets pray none if them get into office.


the spoon Q is lifted from private eye

Old enough

I know, I know, if you're racist you're a horrible person, etc - I get it, I get it.

BUT, what's happening in the UK is the government has adopted the policy of Canada and 'multiculturalism' and have put forth the view that there is no such thing as British culture, that all the immigrant cultures are just as relevant.

This is conceivable for Canada because it's a brand-new country that really IS made up entirely of immigrants.

This doesn't work for Britain, which has a genuine centuries-old culture. This is why there is enormous resentment against the immigrants who don't even TRY to adapt to local culture. It IS insulting and it doesn't make you racist.

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