honestly, if someone had the third carpet down in their house Im not sure I would even notice all the weird gun designs... at a glance it looks totally normal


yep, Im with you. The 9/11 rug makes no sense. Im not sure if i should be offended or touched


there is actually a business for war carpets? violent carpets...thats a pretty sketchy thing to be into


Mr Massoud has taken a sultry pose, he's just been listening to shaggy bombastic. how much are these rugs? interesting that they were made to be stood on, soiled and worn. perhaps.

interior designer for hire

these are awesome, i want one for my appartment, probably the on with all the russian weapons would go best. it would bring a certain violence to the room that most rooms just dont have.

higher than high

massoud looks like he is stoned out of his mind in this rug. i must have it!


do they have any with people's heads being chopped off?


fuck an oil painting... I am commissioning a rug of myself to achieve true immortality

a. tisdelle

I liked this article...I am from outside Toronto and have actually seen the AK47 and tank carpets for sale at antique sales in the 905... I was blown away by how gorgeous the rugs...the colours are really vibrant in real life...I think a 2" by 5" carpet was going for about $300-400cdn and smaller one, 1.5" by 3", for about $100-150cdn... pretty affordable?

Carl Sagan

i love the 9/11 one i want it for my nice appartment

.pho queen

i'd buy that the droppin bombs or the ak47 ones for sure!

not the 9-11 ones those are super kitschy/touristee!


I sell rugs and I looked for war rugs on a buying trip in pakistan last summer. the fine, "art" pieces I was told are not being made much anymore. you can find some inexpensive, very cheap versions of the AK style rugs, but they are pretty bad. the sept 11 rugs are pretty hard to find too. i am lucky to own 1 great piece from the 80's. good looking out vice for doing a story on rugs.


I've got one of these. It's genius, no one ever says anything until I point it out to them though!

just a guy

In response to your Q's:
The "msile" is in reference to conspiracy theorists that suggest the White House was shot by a missile (sic).

The dove appears to be carrying something in its beak, and if it's anything but an olive branch it could be symbolic of peace departing. Then again, it could mean that even with the olive branch.

Bert Agrela


Bali handicraft

I love those carpets, what a beautiful design

Carpet Brisbane

These are great design. It is hard for me to think how can they create those intricate design while maintaining the quality of the product. It would only be fair if they will be sold for higher than those typical rugs.


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game blog

i need full ICC crafted gear but a person item in the action house cost over 7-8k golden

Diablo 3 Gold

up "Skinner Box". Again in the end you have right it is their responsibility I discussed that I meant it the buck stops at the individual. That doesn't mean that games makers aren't being irresponsible and that doesn't mean that they aren't using methods of game design to attempt to encourage such irresponsible conduct. They have intentionally designed farm ville to where it is easy to let it rule your life. Again that final decision to let it do do i think the the players responsibility while we are avoiding. However that does not mean they of said game are being blameless.

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